The Turks and Caicos Yacht Club Eco-Marina, within a $400 million international luxury yachting destination resort, has a 110 slip, deep water eco-marina for yachts and mega-yachts up to 200 feet, beachfront attractions and the Turks & Caicos Yacht Club. Located in the Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies, the marina is one of the world’s finest examples of an eco-marina and one of the first of its kind within the Northern and Southern Hemispheres of the Atlantic Ocean.

To be an eco-marina, a marina must meet or exceed the guidelines established by the international Blue Flag Marina Criteria to preserve the surrounding marine life and waters. The award of a Blue Flag marina is based on compliance with 23 criteria covering Environmental Management, Education and Information, Safety and Services and Water Quality.

Eco-marinas are invaluable in protecting the world’s waterways and oceans, and were developed as a gold standard in response for the need maintaining pristine waters while providing ecologically sound and sustainable recreational use.


Marina Utilities provided the design and installation of key environmentally sound eco-marina features including the design and installation of standpipe systems, water, sewer, separate unique bilge pumpout systems, using technologically advanced utility and monitoring systems.


The Turks and Caicos Eco-Marina utilizes technologically advanced utility and monitoring systems. Pump-out systems are provided at every slip, and advance monitoring signals when the systems should be used.

  • Marina Utilities provided a pressurized central grey and black water vacuum system integrally located within the floating docks and a connection point for pump-outs provided at every slip. Holding tanks are rapidly vacuumed while the vessel remains in its slip. The sanitized system vacuums the waste into a pressurized sewage collection system which connects off-site to the Turks & Caicos Island's first central wastewater & sewage treatment and disposal facility.

  • Registration information identifying the size of a vessel’s holding tank(s) and the number of persons aboard is efficiently gathered at the time of entry to the Turks & Caicos Yacht Club. Advance calculations alert crew and marina staff when a holding tank is reaching capacity and is due for pump-out. This data is entered into the marina’s computerized monitoring system which electronically and telephonically notifies the crew and marina staff whenever it calculates that a holding tank pump-out is required to prevent accidental oversight by the crew.

    Slips have fixed, lighted, high-end, durable service pedestals providing every level of electrical service, pure drinking and bathing water, telephone and cable television.


Marina Utilities provided the latest in technology for marina fire control. The standpipe system is integrally installed within the floating dock system and is augmented by cabinet-mounted ABC fire extinguishers equally-spaced along the floating docks.

The Turks and Caicos eco-marina is part of the beachfront Nikki Beach Resort & Spa on the northeast tip of the island of Providenciales. The resort includes a five-star hotel, spa, night club, signature Nikki Beach Club, and the eco-marina by IGY.

The 110-slip mega-yacht eco-marina accommodates vessels up to 200 feet with 15' wide concrete floating docks, 24-hour access, an on-site Customs and Immigration Services office, and a VIP lounge for captains and crews.

Marina Utilities was instrumental in bringing this eco-marina to fruition by providing the design and installation of marina systems with features designed to be protective of the marine and marina environment and the ecology of its waters.



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