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Marina Utilities, an international supplier of marina systems – water, sewer, electric and standpipe systems, with over 350 successfully completed marina projects, provides a Warranty Package with a full two year Umbrella Warranty Coverage.

Marina Utilities - Warranty Plan:

Marina Utilities provides a Two Year Umbrella Warranty package for any defects in the systems and materials as provided and installed by the Company and will replace or repair defective materials at no cost.

What is Covered?

  • Manufacturer’s Systems and Equipment – Two Year
  • Custom Systems and Equipment – Two Year
  • Parts, Piping and Installation – Two Year
  • Fire Suppression Systems and Equipment – Two Year
  • Water Systems – Two Year
  • Sewer Systems – Two Year
  • Electrical Systems – Two Year

What Can Cause Denial of Coverage?

  • Improper maintenance
  • Damages caused by faulty, lack of or improper maintenance
  • Code violations after installation and turnover
  • Unusual wear and tear
  • Damages caused by Others
  • Damages caused by Severe Weather and Improper Precautions
  • Unauthorized Tampering with or Modification of Systems or Equipment
  • Tampering with installation

Customers receive a Warranty Package and folder with equipment installed, dates of delivery and installation, manufacturer’s equipment/specification numbers, maintenance information and schedules.

Warranties provided by the Marina Utilities means that customers have one point of control, contact and follow through. Customers need not track or contact individual manufacturers nor have to schedule inspections and corrections.



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