Trident Service Agreement for Marina Utilities Components and Systems

All Marina Utilities registered marina customers are entitled to enroll in the Marina Utilities Service Agreement. This Service Agreement Package provides significant benefits in addition to the one year complimentary limited warranty the marina receives upon registration of the marina components and marina utilities systems.

The Marina Utilities Service Agreement Package provides high quality and flexible service as well as other value added features to Marina Utilities’ customers.

Service Agreement Features and Benefits

  1. Low, Discounted & Fixed Repair Expense: With each Service Agreement, Marina Utilities’ customers lock in labor rates by purchasing pre-paid labor.
  2. Annual Inspections: With each Service Agreement Package, Marina Utilities’ customers receive an annual marina inspection and quarterly sewer pump inspection. Trained Marina Utilities personnel will inspect the marina and its systems and components and provide a report directly to the Owner and maintenance personnel.
  3. Quick Response Time: The Marina Utilities Service Agreement Package places customers at the top of the list for servicing. This means that Marina Utilities Service Agreement customers receive top of the list scheduling and are not adversely affected by delays caused by after hurricane events or other happenings that can cause servicing to be delayed because of increased customer demand.
  4. Flexible Service Package Period: Customers can purchase a Service Agreement Package each for one or more years, up to a period of 5 years.

Service Agreement Package

The following maintenance items are included as part of the Annual Service Agreement:

  1. Quarterly inspection and maintenance of sewer pump – Includes testing of vacuum pump, topping off of oil reservoir, cleaning and inspection of the sensor probes in tanks.
  2. Annual tune-up of docks – Includes a three man crew for two days. Inspection of all whalers, rods and pile guides. Straighten and level floats. Replace rods or pile guides as needed or requested. All materials are additional expense.

Please call 1-877-360-HDPE.



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