marina bids

Marina Utilities provides quality marina utility systems – water, sewer, electric and standpipe systems, and our high performance company custom designs and delivers utilities for national and international marina projects. Marina Utilities is available to join your team as a sub-contractor. Our bid and proposal cycle process ensures that your bid will stand out in a competitive environment, and our expertise will join yours in delivering a winning proposal that will distinguish you from your competitors.

Our foundation is to create value: we deliver an accurate bid based upon quality materials and systems, provide a team capable of delivering excellence in marina utilities and offer both technical and custom capabilities.


Marina Utilities understands the importance of creating winning teams for securing successful bids and proposals. We provide excellence in proposals and bid response, whether public or private, RFQ (Request for Qualifications) or RFP (Request for Proposals).

For bids and proposals, Marina Utilities will:

  • Provide our winning team of technical experts;
  • Provide a detailed and comprehensive bid for quality marina utility systems – water, sewer, electric and standpipe systems;
  • Provide our expertise on over 300 national and international marina utility projects;
  • Provide the ability to include custom fittings, designed and produced in our custom fabrication shop, allowing the bid to respond to projects requiring custom craftsmanship and to fit unique conditions;
  • Provide expertise on local, national US and international projects, codes and standards;
  • Review the bid documents for accuracy, content and specific requirements;
  • Provide timelines to meet project deadlines;
  • Provide personnel to design and install both national and international marina utility projects;
  • Provide compelling reasons for selection; provide tools for discrimination between bids and articulate why our team should be chosen over the competition;
  • Provide a bid package with background – bios, company history and relevant projects and expertise.


The United States Government has approved $156 billion dollars in stimulus money for construction projects including infrastructure of roads and bridges. Marina Utilities is a full service licensed contractor available to participate on your team, particularly for docks, bridges and related marina utilities – water, sewer, electric and standpipe systems.


Marina Utilities is available to consult with owners, developers and contractors to create detailed specifications and requirements for RFP (Request for Proposal) packages for bidding or negotiated contract. Consulting with Marina Utilities on requirements and specifications can ensure that the project will not be based simply on low bid and cost cutting techniques affecting quality and longevity of a marina project.


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