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Marina Utilities offers several notable lecture programs including: Obtaining Federal Grant Money for Clean Marina Programs; Life Cycle Costing for Marina Utilities; and Factors for Consideration in the Selection of Piping and Fittings for the Marina and Marina Environment.

Robert MacDonald, Owner, Marina Utilities, is a featured speaker at the International Marina Institute (IMI): 2009 Emerging Applied Technologies Conference, presenting Better Safe than Sorry: New Techniques in Marina Fire Protection; and at the 2009 International Marina & Boatyard Conference (IMBC) panel: Economic Incentives: How to Capitalize on Getting Grants for Marina Upgrades.

In 2009, Marina Utilities will offer a video presentation, Introduction to the Marina Environment, covering such topics as saltwater and weather factors in the marine/marina environment and a specific evaluation of components for marina utilities including metal vs. plastic/HDPE vs. PVC.

Marina Utilities provides a one year Warranty and a 1/2 day educational and operational training program for owners and operators: How to Operate and Maintain Sewer Pumpout Systems.


Marina Utilities is working to enhance the specifications required for Green and Clean Marina ™ programs. The new specifications will include standards for using high grade HDPE piping and Quality 316 stainless steel parts that can stand up to the harsh marine environment.

Marina Utilities uses superior HDPE piping and custom fabricated 316 stainless steel components in its marina utilities systems, providing leak-proof and corrosion-free piping systems lasting 20 – 30 years in a harsh marine/marina environment. Such exceptional marina utility components are vital in preventing failure, leakage and pollution and in protecting pristine marina waterways.

Courses available to owners, developers and contractors of marina projects worldwide can arrange to have individual or group classes on specifications and systems for higher quality and longer lasting marina systems, and can tour the custom fabrication, fitting and design shop at Marina Utilities in Bonita Springs, FL.


As a leader in the design and delivery of utility services for the marina industry, Marina Utilities participates in national and international trade and industry conferences, conducts numerous seminars on topics specific to the industry and provides seasonal internship programs for engineers and field personnel.



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