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Marina Utilities provides quality marina utilities - water, sewer, standpipe systems and electric systems for national and international marina projects including new and retrofit marinas in Florida, the US and the Caribbean.

Marina fire protection is essential for life safety and property protection. It is required by the Florida Building Code that all marinas have equipment, systems and sustainable water resources to suppress, control and extinguish fires on boats, docks, and buildings. A Read Only copy of the applicable codes for marinas, piers and docks can be found at:

Florida Fire Prevention Code 2004


Marina Utilities coordinates and consults with local fire officials for the design of standpipe systems in accordance with specific needs and code requirements. The required number of fire hose cabinets per fire supply line will be determined on the basis of the marina layout, local, state and national fire codes and the determinations made by the local fire marshal.

Marina Utilities recommends that the local fire marshal be included in all stages of the design and specification of standpipe systems for both new and retrofit marina projects. This coordination will ensure that all code requirements are met and will facilitate the permitting, inspection and completion of projects.

Marinas are similar to other building structures in that they require the provision and maintenance of a reliable clean water source and high pressure water lines for delivery of water during a fire emergency. Professional fire protection systems consist of water, chemical and foam suppression capabilities and fire protection systems must assist and allow fire fighters to quickly address a fire, even if it is in a remote location in a marina.


Emergency First Aid Fire protection consists of a series of quality, quick response fire hose cabinets, designed for salt water and harsh marina environments and must be professionally installed at calculated locations at the marina and docks serving the marina. Cabinets for fire protection suppression systems will be provided with spacing and locations to afford immediate protection to all floating structures, boats and equipment in a marina.


A professional marina fire protection system includes a major rescue standpipe system consisting of high pressure, high volume, dedicated water lines, fire hydrants and hose valve stations. Marina Utilities custom designs and specifies standpipe systems, HDPE pipes and 316 stainless pipe fittings and support systems capable of long term high performance and reliable service under high temperature and pressure, in coastal locations with corrosive, salt and salt water and harsh marine/marina conditions.


Marina dock systems have long walkways often extending hundreds of feet out from shore, and charged lines save the time and resources necessary to carry, roll and charge fire hoses connected to fire hydrants onshore. Charged standpipes will usually be 2½ to 4 inches in diameter, in continuous service at live working pressures up to 200 psi, and have hose valve stations at appropriate locations along the length of the lines.

Dry standpipes remain empty until needed. In the event of a fire, the local fire department hooks up a pumper truck to the dry standpipe, charges it to operating pressure, and uses it to deliver water with fire fighting capabilities.


Marina Utilities advises the designers and operators of all marinas, whether new construction or retrofit, to read applicable codes and be aware that all docks require fire protection systems.



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