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For over 35 years, leaders in the marine and marina development industry have relied on the Marina Utilities firm that began in Naples, FL as Dave Lincoln Contracting. Earning its reputation for excellence in technological capabilities, design and installation of superior marina utilities systems, Marina Utilities continues its tradition of innovation.

Design of utilities by Marina Utilities is not locked to or limited by a particular type of docking system (floating, fixed; concrete, wood, metal). Piping used is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), capable of being fused without leaks. Flexible in use, this system is therefore less likely to be damaged by storms or surges. Marina Utilities practices on the-job-performance and safety and employs Clean Marina™ techniques.

With a complete in-house fabrication shop, Marina Utilities offers unique custom design and fabrication of support systems, hanger straps, fasteners and flexible connections and hose valve connections, using HDPE piping and connections of the highest grade stainless steel.


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