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Design Build is an efficient method of project delivery, allowing owners or developers to contract with a single source to deliver both the design and construction of a project. Under a Design Build contract, Marina Utilities is this single source of expertise, providing both the custom design and the contracting for marina utilities projects. Through this single source project delivery, Marina Utilities provides both the design and construction capability in-house, and achieves quality control through this true integration of services.

Other contracting firms, even while offering the Design Build method, must acquire the needed design or fabrication expertise through a sub-contract, joint venture or other arrangement. The disadvantage of this arrangement and its additional contract is that such teams may never have worked together before and issues of communication may interrupt the design-build process, thus negating the benefits of the Design Build delivery model.


What are the benefits of Design Build? With a Marina Utilities Design Build contract, contractors and developers can rely on a single, highly qualified entity to design and construct the utilities project. This single point of control provides a focused responsibility for quality, cost and schedule. The motivation to adhere to the contract and therefore deliver a successful project is provided at all phases, meeting the objectives of functional design, budget, constructability, systems and materials quality, performance schedule and project completion. This Design Build method of project delivery ensures that neither the developer nor the contractor has to coordinate with a design-only team member.

How does Design Build differ from a traditional project delivery contract? In a traditional project delivery contract, the contractor must work with a design and construction drawing set, designed and produced by others. Flaws or omissions typically produce delays and cost over runs. Further, in a traditional contract, it is the owner that must certify the drawings as accurate, and this may produce a restricted contract and provide liability for the owner.


How does Design Build affect the cost of a project? Design Build can affect the cost of a project in a positive manner. A major benefit to owner, developer and contractor in the Design Build project delivery model is the early and accurate knowledge of project cost. In such a Design Build contract, Marina Utilities is simultaneously producing both the design and an accurate and up to date estimation of project construction cost. The Design Build process is superior in this regard to a traditional delivery model in which separate entities are responsible for design, and the project is then bid to additional separate entities not involved in the project design, specifications and construction documents.

Marina Utilities’ team of custom design, fabrication and installation professionals work together efficiently and effectively and have a history of successfully completing over 300 marina projects.

Quality control is provided through the use of high grade materials and fabrication systems, such as seamless HDPE piping and non-corroding 316 stainless steel support straps and fittings. Constructability reviews are automatically and continuously provided during the custom design process and result in the production of a tight set of construction and specification documents.


The Marina Utilities Design Build process can significantly reduce risk for the owner, developer and contractor. The Design Build project delivery model provides a single source responsibility for the outcome, thus providing a high level of coordination, cooperation and motivation. The owner is not required to bid, control or arbitrate separate contracts for design and construction, nor provide a separate source of value engineering and quality control.

Budget and schedule conflicts are non-existent with Design Build; legal entanglements; cost overruns and adversarial relationships are also eliminated. Single source design and construction means that accountability and responsibility for change orders, omissions or non-performance cannot be shifted to another party.

Marina Utilities’ Design Build method ensures that design and construction works as a team, redesign is eliminated, project cost and schedules can be produced accurately and there is an open book policy on design, materials and costs.

Time savings can be translated into lower project costs and reduced administrative burden, and because of this, higher quality materials can be used and justified using Marina Utilities’ Life Cycle Costing program.



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