Marina Utilities’ primary market is as a subcontractor, providing quality marina utilities – water, electric, sewer and standpipe systems to contracting firms providing marina construction. As a part of their quality utilities, Marina Utilities is in a unique service niche of providing sewer and plumbing systems to marinas both nationally and internationally.

With over 350 successfully completed marina projects, and an over thirty (30) year history, The Marina Utilities name and brand is recognized by the developers of marina projects in the US and worldwide, and this recognition of custom and quality parts and systems assists contractors in the client’s positive evaluation of their bids.


Marina Utilities seeks to educate interested parties about their custom designed marinas and the exclusive quality of the components used. One important aspect of marina design is the selection and use of the appropriate materials. From an engineering perspective, the marina environment is one of the most demanding environments in which to achieve a quality long life system. The marina environment combines extreme temperature changes, saltwater corrosion, galvanic corrosion caused by dissimilar metals, high stress loading conditions and innumerous wet/dry cycles.

Each Marina Utilities proposal includes a complete Design-Build package including many proprietary design details originating from the firm’s 30+ years of experience and over 350+ marinas completed.


While the inclination may be to choose the lowest priced alternative when costing a marina project, the initial price of the project installation does not reflect the true life cycle cost of the system and is not a good indication of the value provided.

A Marina Utilities design incorporates only the highest quality materials and will deliver a useful project life of over 20 years. In order to understand the true value of quality materials installed in a marina environment, it is essential to understand how inferior quality materials can fail under use and over time.

The use of unistrut washing machine hoses and galvanized pipe fire stands are examples of inferior quality materials. Such inferior materials will lead to a useful design life of approximately five years or less and generate extensive operation, maintenance and repair costs as they begin to fail.

Taking the initial price of two proposals (a Marina Utilities proposal and one with such inferior materials) and dividing each by the expected life, it can be seen that the higher quality system is actually much cheaper on a per year of ownership basis.

Potential problems can arise through the use of dissimilar materials at the connections, such as the use of galvanized pipe fire stands that will be connected to the HDPE main line by either a brass or steel adapter that will have a brass hose valve on the end. The use of dissimilar metals in a salt water environment will generate accelerated corrosion and failure of the standpipe system in less than five years.

Inferior products such as washing machine hoses are not designed for use in a marina. In addition to providing a limited useful life, a 3/8” diameter hose is not sufficient to provide the water required by today’s luxury yachts. Such hoses will begin to fail within three years, and they will fail one by one creating significant problems for the marina maintenance staff.

The unistrut is available in stainless steel, but it will be of an inferior grade of 304 stainless. The 304 grade will corrode quickly when incorporated into the harsh marina environment.

Marina Utilities’ design incorporates only 316 grade stainless steel, a much more expensive and durable product, in all of our components.


A primary aspect of the value that we offer is the use of custom designed and fabricated components for the marina. Many of the quality components that we use are not available commercially. Marina Utilities has a 5400 sq ft manufacturing facility were we custom design and fabricate our own 316ss hangers, powder coated aluminum fire stands, HDPE transitional pieces, sewer pump out stations and designer hose carts. No other competitive proposal from any other marina utilities supplier will include any of these high value features.


  • The impact on the schedule and associated cost due to poor design submittals, improper selection of materials and a general lack of understanding of the unique design requirements of a modern marina.
  • The anger and frustration of the customers at the use of inferior materials, (such as when they try to pull thousands of gallons of water through a 3/8” washing machine hose).
  • The liability associated with having a fire standpipe system not perform due to corrosion as a customer’s yacht is burning.

Most importantly, consider the true life cycle cost of owning and operating the mechanical systems in the marina. Inferior systems will last up to five years; superior systems will last the lifetime of the project.


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