We are an international world leader in the design and installation of the highest quality water, sewer, electric and standpipe systems available for marinas and marina environments. Fundamental to our mission is to offer the highest technology in custom design and services, and to be an integral part of sustainable development while contributing to the creation of value for our clients. Through our development and supply of reliable energy and water, sanitary and standpipe systems, adequately sized for current and future marina infrastructure, we provide an economically sound business model for our company.


Our vision is to create sustainable, long term success in our business sector by providing quality marina utility systems (water, sewer, electrical, standpipe systems), so that the generations of today and the future will have pristine waterways and convenient safe and enjoyable marina recreation.


To design and provide the highest quality marina utilities services to our industry, with life-cycle durability and profitability for our clients.


Our values are based upon a set of fair and ethical practices that are fundamental in our work, procedures and outcomes, and are represented in our dealings with our clients, associates and employees.

It is a fundamental part of our values to:

  • Provide high quality products and services that meet the convenience, safety and needs of our clients.
  • Practice fair, honest and ethical business standards.
  • Respect and protect the environment.
  • Provide leadership, technical excellence, custom capabilities and innovation in meeting the changing needs and desires of marina consumers.
  • Operate with a long term view and provide sound fiscal management through Life Cycle Costing and Value.
  • Design and provide excellence in marina utilities systems for both new construction and refurbishment.

Our fundamental human interaction values include:

  • Social responsibility
  • Safety
  • Care for people
  • Customer focus

We promise to conduct ourselves with the highest ethical and quality standards, and in doing so, earn the utmost respect from our clients, associates and employees.

We focus on developing long-term trusted relationships with our clients and associates, ensuring that our practices and contributions increase the success, reputation and profitability of our projects and partnerships.

We follow good business, ethical and sustainable practices now and into the future.



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