Marina Utilities provides both customer training and technical field support. Customer training sessions are conducted either at the time of project delivery or close to the opening of the marina.

Training sessions include an operational review of marina utility systems – water, sewer, electric and fire protection, and covers such items as the location of valves, shutoffs and electrical breakers as well as the operational instruction of systems.

Training sessions are complimentary for customers of Marina Utilities and marina personnel and maintenance professionals. Training is a part of the Marina Utilities Warranty Program, which covers all defects in parts and equipment for one full year. Customers are entitled to training prior to the closing out of the project and the final walk through and release of lien.

Training - Values and Beliefs

Marina Utilities views training as a critical focus of our resources and a defining factor in our success. We are proud of the quality of our systems, equipment and installation of our marina utilities and want our customers to feel confident in the operation and maintenance of their marina utility systems.

Customer Training Program – Operation – Service - Maintenance

Installation for each marina is accomplished using only the highest grade 316 stainless steel parts, hangers and leak proof HDPE piping, capable of providing +20 years of convenient service to the marina and its customers. Marina Utilities works to eliminate downtime due to faulty installation, inferior parts, equipment or improper systems maintenance – we understand that an inconvenienced marina customer may be a lost customer.

Training programs and customer training in the efficient care, maintenance and operation of equipment are important features of our Warranty Program. Quality client training programs conducted by Marina Utilities meet and exceed customer expectations.

In addition to our scheduled courses at the time of project close out, customer training classes can be customized to meet specific needs at the marina site.

Employee Training

Marina Utilities provides an excellent employee training program that allows our staff to enhance their skills and knowledge of technologically superior systems and equipment and provide meaningful customer interaction and support. In addition to our technical skills training, we ensure our employees have additional abilities to perform their jobs at a high level of competency. Employee training includes: Supervisory and Leadership Development, Safety & Compliance Capabilities, Overall and Technical Product Knowledge and Soft Skills training in such areas as effective leadership and productive internal and external communication.

Marina Utilities provides reliable close-of-project training and welcomes clients to contact us for periodic maintenance and systems inspection beyond the One Year Warranty Period.


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