Marina Utilities is a premium supplier of custom waterfront utilities to owners and professionals in the development and construction of high end marinas worldwide. Located conveniently in Bonita Springs, on Florida’s west coast, Marina Utilities’ projects and services reach marinas throughout Florida, coastal and waterfront US, Central America and the Caribbean.

Marina Utilities, in its current and previous 35 year corporate history, has been responsible for the provision of marina utilities to over 350 completed marina projects in the United States and around the world, totaling more than $1 billion in construction cost and equaling more than $50 million in utilities construction.

Marina Utilities is known for quality construction and installation, custom fabrication of components necessary for marina construction and for extensive experience in the provision of marina utilities to over 350 marinas in FL, the Caribbean basin, Turks & Caicos and the Bahamas. The firm offers custom design and installation of marina utilities - water, electric, sewer and standpipe systems for marina development projects of either refurbishment or new construction.


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