The Marina Utilities organization is defined not only by its technical capabilities and outreach, but by its personal code of ethics and behavior - how we govern ourselves and interact with clients and associates, and how our professionals conduct themselves on our premises and yours.

We, at Marina Utilities, realize that not every partnership is a good one. Therefore, we pledge to commit our resources and yours only when we believe that it is a good business match. Our fundamental platforms include the custom design, fabrication and installation of only the highest quality marina utility systems and parts, and we are backed with reliability and performance reflected in our Warranty Programs and Service Agreements. We deliver the utmost in technical specifications and drawings based upon accurate budgets and adherence to your timetable.

Our employees represent us, and also represent your face to the world during construction and after, when your marina is open to the boating customer, therefore it is of the highest importance that we provide highly trained, technically competent, ethical and content employees.

For our employees, we pledge to create and maintain a fair, safe and challenging workplace, and manage our interpersonal relations with mutual respect and interaction. Our employees should expect and enjoy guidance, progressive skills training and advancement.

We develop business relationships with clients and associates who respect our standards of quality systems and procedures, fair and ethical behavior, fiscal prudence, resource management, and long term life cycle costing advantage



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