Marina Utilities is a member of the following organizations:

International Marine Institute (IMI)

IMI is a subsidiary of the Association of Marina Industries. The International Marina Institute (IMI) creates training opportunities for marina professionals that reflect the needs of industry professionals and provides important information on trends, regulations and current issues.

Association of Marina Industries (AMI)

AMI is a non-profit membership organization which offers management training, marina information, research and education, as well as information and leadership on legislation and environmental issues affecting the marina industry. AMI is a marina trade organization which encompasses all segments of the marina industry, both within the US and around the world.

International Marina & Boatyard Conference (IMBC)

International Marina & Boatyard Conference (IMBC) is an annual conference of marine and marina professionals. Each year, the Association of Marina Industries (AMI) and the American Boat Builders & Repairers Association (ABBRA) create a conference to reflect the needs of attendees and exhibitors.

International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)

International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is the international trade association representing offshore, marine and underwater engineering companies.

IMCA places particular emphasis on promoting improvements in quality, health, safety, environmental and technical standards. It also assists members with commercial activities, especially in the area of contracting.

The International Association of Marine Contractors seeks to strive for the highest possible standards with a balance of risk and cost in health and safety; technology; quality and efficiency; environmental awareness and protection; achieve and sustain self-regulation in the industry; ease the free movement of equipment and personnel globally; achieve equitable contracting regimes; provide the framework for training, certification, competence and recruitment to support and sustain the industry globally; resolve industry issues; and promote co-operation across the industry.

IMCA has two core activities in which all members participate: Safety, Environment & Legislation (SEL) includes monitoring national and international regulatory bodies, circulation of relevant information to members and advancement of industry positions where necessary. Competence & Training includes a comprehensive framework devoted to promoting safety by defining and encouraging training and competence in key safety-related positions.

IMCA works with a global focus, but also has regional sections covering the key offshore areas: Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe & Africa and Middle East & India.

Florida Marine Contractors Association (FMCA)

Florida Marine Contractors Association (FMCA) is the professional trade association for the marine construction industry.



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